SMPC has built our solid presence in the global arena based on nearly three decades of experience in the manufacturing of LPG vessels with an extremely wide array of selections offered.  The trust that our customers have placed in us throughout all these years speak volume of our commitments to quality.  It is a symbol of SMPC’s promise to deliver only premium quality LPG cylinders in compliance with rigorous international demands and standards.  It is an on-going corporate policy to maintain a relentless and continuous drive to develop and improve products and manufacturing procedures or techniques.


SMPC manufactures LPG cylinders for both household, recreational, industrial, and the newly- developed energy sectors.  With the global demand for alternative energy, we have now ventured and succeeded in developing and manufacturing LPG cylinders for the automobile and other vehicles uses.


In addition, we are facilitated in terms of both staff and equipment to recondition pre-owned LPG cylinders.  SMPC also has contracts with numerous domestic and global customers in the manufacturing and supply of LPG cylinders in a wide array of sizes, dimensions and colors.  Inclusive of such segments, our current production capacity stands at an impressive 6.2 million LPG cylinders per year.
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