Product: LPG Cylinders
SMPC’s LPG cylinders are manufactured with hot-rolled steel sheet which LPG cylinders consists of 2 ends and a shell using the hot rolled steel complies with EN10120 or ISO4978 or JIS G3116 standards. By using the top of the class technology under strict controls by a highly-experienced team, the cylinders manufactured by SMPC are extremely wear-resistant and most importantly, adhere to the strictest safety standards. SMPC recognizes the severity with regards to safety. Therefore, we are most stringent in our Quality Control Systems throughout all production processes to ensure that our products meet the most stringent international standards. Safety is one of the foremost primary objectives at SMPC, we engage in continuous research and development to ensure that this goal is achieved. Current standards that have been accredited to our cylinders are Thailand’s “TIS 27” & “TIS 370” and also a vast collection of international standards such as Australia’s AS 2469 & AS 2470, United Kingdom’s BS 5045, U.S.A.’s standard of DOT 4BA & DOT 4BW and the European’s EN 14422, EN 13322 and 84/527/EEC.
Present production capacity at SMPC is at an outstanding 6.2 million LPG containers a year. Prevailing sizes of the cylinders are separated into two main categories- two-piece cylinder with sizes of 0.5-29 kg. (1.25-58 liters water capacity) and three-piece cylinder of 18-66.5 kg. (43-133 liters water capacity). As such, SMPC is in a prominent position to offer LPG cylinders of all sizes, dimensions, designs and colors to meet global customers’ requested demands and standards

Two-piece and three-piece Cylinders (1.25-133 liters water capacity)
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