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Ethics and Transparency

Ethics and Transparency

Ethics and Transparency

The Board of Directors recognizes and envisions that in order for the company to create added value, grow, and achieve sustainable success, there must be a balance of economic, environmental, and social aspects, as well as consideration for human rights. The board also acknowledges the importance of stakeholders and ethical conduct in the realm of good corporate governance. To establish a standard for conducting business ethically, the company has developed a code of business ethics. This code is designed to ensure that the board of directors, executives, and all employees adhere to and diligently practice it, with the aim of fostering sustainable business growth for the company in the future.

Code of Conduct


Trade Competition

The company has established a policy on fair trade business for all parties, which is as follows:

  • The company shall treat all business partners and creditors with equality and fairness, based on mutual benefit for both parties.
  • The company shall strictly abide by the contracts and agreed-upon conditions with the business partners and creditors. In the event of non-compliance, the company shall promptly discuss the matter with the business partners and creditors to jointly seek means of remedy and prevent potential problems and losses. If SPMC is unable to comply with any of the conditions regarding the repayment of principal, interest, or collateral under the relevant contract, the company will promptly notify the business partners and creditors.
  • The company shall provide accurate, complete, truthful, and timely financial information to creditors on a regular basis.
  • The company shall not demand, accept, or provide any illicit benefits to or from business partners or creditors. Additionally, the company shall make every effort to prevent bribery and the resulting damage to the company.
  • The company shall compete in trade under a fair framework.
  • The company shall not engage in activities that destroy or defame competitors’ reputation, or perform any actions that are untrue and unfair.
  • The company shall not seek competitors’ confidential information through dishonest or illegal means.
  • The company shall support the policy on anti-corruption in all forms.
  • The company’s employees shall not violate intellectual properties or copyrights through actions such as copying, duplicating, modifying, or distributing any materials, including computer software. Any violations of intellectual properties or copyrights will result in disciplinary actions and may be punishable by law.

Furthermore, the company shall avoid any activities that may result in conflicts of interest, except for those that are in the best interest of the company. The company has disclosed such transactions with possible conflicts of interest in their entirety in the “Connected Transactions” section, as disclosed in the Form 56-1 One report.

Anti-Corruption Policy

The company does not tolerate any form of corruption, including all types of business transactions and activities involving related agencies. Additionally, the company has established anti-corruption practices in accordance with this policy. The company shall regularly review these practices to ensure compliance with any changes in business laws and to uphold the company’s reputation. All directors, management, and staff shall comply with this policy.

The company has received the 2nd renewal of the certification of Private Sector Collective Action against Corruption (CAC) for the next three years, until January 2025.

Anti-Corruption Policy


Informing of Misconduct or Lodging Complaints

In the event that anyone has information related to corruption, illegal activities, violations of business ethics, or misconduct, or comes across flaws in the company’s internal control system that pose a risk or cause damage to the business, they can directly inform the Chairman of the Board, the Chairman of the Audit Committee, Independent Directors, and/or the Audit Committee through one of the following channels:

  1. By post to the company address: 92 Soi Thientalay7 (4th Intersection), Bangkhunthien Chaitalay Road, Samaedam, Bangkhunthien, Bangkok 10150.
  2. By email to the Company Secretary at Email:

The informing letters or complaints shall be polite and should include the following information:

  • First name and surname of the alleged person.
  • Facts of the offense, including related details and any accompanying evidence, if available.
  • First name and surname of the complainant.

The company has established measures to protect informants or complaint lodgers as follows:

  1. The company shall treat all information about the informants or complaint lodgers as confidential and disclose it only as necessary, considering the safety of the informants or complaint lodgers and preventing any potential damages (in cases where the informants or complaint lodgers do not provide their name, they must provide facts or evidence that are clear enough to identify the alleged corruption or offense).
  2. The informants or complaint lodgers may request necessary and appropriate protection.
  3. The affected parties shall be compensated for their damages through a fair and appropriate process.

However, the company does not accept complaints in the following cases:

  1. Cases where the inquiry panel has already accepted or issued a final decision and there is no new and material evidence.
  2. Cases where the alleged person’s employment with the company has been terminated for more than five years.
  3. Cases where no evidence is provided or the wrongful behavior is not described in sufficient detail to allow for investigation.

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