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Innovation and Product Stewardship

Innovation and Product Stewardship

Innovation and Product Stewardship

The company conducts business with a focus on customers, prioritizing their needs and satisfaction. Quality and safety are key attributes of our products. Therefore, the company continuously strives to develop both products and production processes to ensure product safety, starting from the design phase, and to meet specified standards. SMPC sources high-quality raw materials suitable for the product and develops production processes to minimize risks and waste. The company performs quality checks throughout the production process and ensures the safe delivery of goods. We have obtained certifications from well-known international standards agencies, which instills confidence in the quality of our products. The following policy has been established:

    • To provide complete, correct, fair, and up-to-date information about products and services to customers, allowing them to make informed decisions without any cover-ups or misrepresentation.
    • To offer warranties on products and services with appropriate terms.
    • To deliver products that meet or exceed customers’ expectations, completely, accurately and on time under fair conditions.
    • To refrain from delivering substandard products or services to customers.
    • To establish systems and measures for promptly addressing and resolving customer complaints, as well as preventing recurring issues.
    • To continuously search for and develop methods to reduce manufacturing costs while maintaining the quality standards of products and services.
    • To continuously search for ways to enhance product quality for the benefit of customers.
    • In the event of being unable to fulfill agreements with customers, to promptly notify them in advance and collaboratively seek remedies and prevent potential losses.
    • To safeguard customer confidential information and refrain from exploiting it for personal or related parties’ benefit.

SMPC conducts an annual customer satisfaction survey to evaluate the company’s performance in three areas: Product & Quality, Service, and Delivery. The survey results are used to continuously improve and develop all processes with the aim of achieving maximum customer satisfaction.

In 2022, the company set a customer satisfaction goal of at least 86.0%. The survey findings revealed an overall customer satisfaction rating of 86.4% for the year, achieving the set goal. Nonetheless, the survey evaluation and customer feedback will continue to be utilized for ongoing product and service development and improvement, ultimately ensuring maximum customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Business Innovation and Organizational Development

Business innovation development is a key aspect that supports the vision and mission of the organization in driving sustainable growth. The company has implemented a policy to foster an organizational culture of business innovation development, utilizing new technologies and innovations to enhance production processes, work, products, and services. This development is aimed at improving the quality of life for people in society and ensuring environmental sustainability. Additionally, the company has focused on developing the skills and potential of its employees, enabling them to create new innovations and supporting various development projects. The company has implemented the following innovations:

SMPC continuously develops its production process, inventory management, and logistics to enhance product safety and operator well-being. The company strives to increase production efficiency to meet customer needs quickly, optimize resource utilization, reduce losses and production costs, and minimize societal and environmental impact.

The company organized an Online Learning Hybrid Program for Engineer training courses with the goal of enhancing the necessary skills for engineers to adapt to changes and apply their knowledge to innovate the production process, which is a key operation for the company. Through this training, engineers are able to apply their knowledge and create innovations to enhance machinery and production processes across all four projects. This has led to streamlined processes, improved efficiency of machines and production lines, efficient resource utilization, and reduced production time. Additionally, the company has prepared a training plan to develop employees from other departments.

The company also recognizes the importance of reducing its impact on the environment and addressing climate change. Therefore, the company initiated a project to improve the painting oven by transitioning from a convection oven to an infrared oven (IR Oven), resulting in energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. This project is currently undergoing performance measurements.

The company has implemented a digital work system to increase management efficiency, improve work speed, and reduce resource usage. The implementation of the e-workflow system has enhanced work processes, reducing process time and improving efficiency. SMPC analyzes work-related information to address various issues in the workflow, develop more efficient processes, and minimize paper usage. Additionally, the company has developed and expanded the use of a barcode system for inspecting finished cylinders. Currently, it is utilizing the data obtained from the barcode system to enhance the inventory management system. This improvement aims to further enhance the efficiency of managing finished goods.

As part of the company’s growth strategy, it aims to introduce high-value-added products that meet consumer demands, enhance quality of life, and minimize environmental impact. These products typically have a limited number of sellers or require specialized manufacturing skills and expertise, contribute not only to sales but also to the sustainable growth of the company.

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