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Sustainability Strategy and Management

Sustainability Strategy and Management

Policies and Sustainability Management Goals

Human resources are the heart and the goals for the development of the company’s organization.  The company emphasizes on taking care of employees and developing both broad and deep working skills, expanding capability, and potential of employee. Good leader is the one who not only good at business ability, but also has a good conscience, and corporate governance for the organization and society.

The company has developed personnel through internal and external training, and created corporate culture for learning and nice working atmosphere. There are exchanges of opinions, and joint projects between departments to create teamwork. Employees in each department have the chances to exchange experiences with each other, which resulting not only the development of work processes, production process, and new products and services, but also the bonding and mutual growth feelings with the company. The company has implemented a project to create successors, develop career paths, instill and make the employees realize the importance of society, community, and environmental responsibilities through various activities. In terms of the human resource management, the company also takes care of employees to have a good quality of life, providing them with fair compensation and welfare. Employees have occupational health and safety at work. Moreover, human rights are considered as an important principle, whether it is a matter of rights, liberties, or equality, including the fair protection.

Sustainability Strategy and Supporting

the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Materiality Assessments

Human development is the starting point and the goal of the company’s strategy. The company places great emphasis on employee well-being and fosters the growth of their skills, both broadly and deeply, expanding their capabilities and potential, and cultivating excellent leaders who are not only proficient in business acumen but also possess strong sense of ethics and corporate governance, benefiting both the organization and society as a whole.

SMPC actively invests in both internal and external training programs to develop our personnel and has created a corporate culture that promotes learning and positive working environment. Collaboration through open discussions and joint projects, cultivating a sense of teamwork. Such exchanges enable employees in each department to share experiences, resulting in the advancement of work processes, production, and the development of new products and services. Additionally, these interactions strengthen the bond between employees and the company, fostering mutual growth.

Moreover, the company endeavors to instill a sense of social responsibility, community engagement, and environmental awareness among its employees through various activities. In terms of human resource management, the company prioritizes the well-being of its employees, providing them with fair compensation and welfare benefits. Occupational health and safety are paramount in the workplace. Furthermore, the company upholds human rights as a fundamental principle, ensuring the protection of rights, liberties, and equality.

The company has developed a process to work into digital systems in order to support a new normal work and life. The company has adjusted its working style and meetings to be more online. The company has established a policy to bring more digital systems to manage the company’s supply chain, with continuous development of working systems in order to increase the efficiency of management, convenience and working speed. As a result, the company is able to respond to customer needs more quickly and reduce the use of resources. The company has also  implemented e-document and e-workflow systems to improve working process.
The company is also aware of the importance of the security of its information systems, so a structured system is put in place to protect information securely on the network and carry out the personal information management by checking readiness and compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act to protect the rights and freedoms of employees and stakeholders for all.

SMPC has been continuously doing business with concern for the environment. The company has adopted the ISO 14001: 2015, environmental management system to be used in the organization In order for the employees to be well aware of the environment. The company has brought digital systems to work to reduce the natural resource usage. Besides, developing production processes to reduce waste generation and environment impact, including using a wet scrubber system in the production process can prevent the fumes and dust generated by the production process not to be emitted into the air, hence no effect on the environment. The silencers are also used in the production process. The company installed a sound suppressor and soundproof walls to reduce the noise generated by factory operations. Growing trees around the fence is to create a green area and also a sound proof. The company treats and reuses 100% of the water used in its production processes.

SMPC also takes into account the climate change that the world is facing, thus the company determined to operate its business with environmental responsibility. A working team has been established to manage the carbon footprint of the organization to set goals and guidelines for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The company has reduced the use of electricity and used renewable energy from the solar rooftop power generation system, hence reducing greenhouse gas emissions, resulting in sustainable environmental protection.

The company has kept up with new technologies, and developed the production process continuously. The company has used robotic and automated production line systems into the production process, hence more consistent of the quality of work, more production efficiency, and less waste. The company also expands automation system in other processes, i.e., production plant and office station.

For the company to have sustainability, one of the factors is to innovate and create new innovations in products, services, working system and production process, to be able to reach and meet the needs of customers. In creating company innovation, the company takes into account the needs of customers, society, and environment by bringing opinions and problems of customers and stakeholders to develop products and services. For example, applying RFID to be used with LPG cylinders, this enables customers to record and utilize the information in various ways, including the circulating the cylinder, inventory management, traceability, etc. In addition, the company has developed the new product made from aluminum materials to meet the needs of customers who want lightweight cylinders, which are convenient to use and move, and difficult to get rusty. And at the end of its lifespan, the material can be 100% recycled.

Apart from using the innovations for products and services, the company also uses innovations in its production processes. There is research and development to improve the production process, adopting technology to stabilize production, making the best use of resources effectively and safely..

SMPC recognizes the importance of conducting materiality assessments to identify and prioritize key sustainability issues that impact its business operations. These assessments are aligned with the principles outlined in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards and encompass environmental, social, and corporate governance aspects. The process involves the following three steps:

1. Identifying Key Sustainability Issues

SMPC analyzes both internal and external factors to identify important sustainability issues relevant to its business operations. This analysis takes into account the sustainability context and considers the needs and expectations of stakeholders throughout the value chain, both within and outside the organization. The scope of sustainability development is determined in alignment with the company’s business strategy.

2. Prioritization

The identified important issues from step 1 are prioritized based on the opportunities they present and the severity of their impacts on economic, social, and environmental values.

3. Verification of Issues

The prioritized issues are proposed to management for review as key corporate sustainability issues. The company ensures the accuracy and completeness of these issues, covering all aspects of the economy, society, and the environment.

Materiality Matrix

The company conducted a thorough review of its assessments on key sustainability issues and prioritized them by considering inputs from stakeholders and considering the influence of internal and external factors on both stakeholders and the company. Each identified issue holds significance for sustainability, encompassing dimensions of the economy, environment, and society. In 2023, the company identified several key business issues that were subsequently approved by the Board of Directors. These issues are outlined below:

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