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Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

Human resources is the starting point and the goal of the company’s strategy. The company places great emphasis on employee well-being and fosters the growth of their skills, both broadly and deeply, expanding their capabilities and potential, and cultivating excellent leader who is not only proficient in business abilities but also possesses a strong sense of ethics and corporate governance, benefiting both the organization and society as a whole. The company actively invests in both internal and external training programs to develop its personnel and has created a corporate culture that promotes learning and fosters a positive working environment. Departments collaborate through open discussions and joint projects, cultivating a sense of teamwork. Such exchanges enable employees in each department to share experiences, resulting in the advancement of work processes, production, and the development of new products and services. Additionally, these interactions strengthen the bond between employees and the company, fostering mutual growth. Moreover, the company endeavors to instill a sense of social responsibility, community engagement, and environmental awareness among its employees through various activities. In terms of human resource management, the company prioritizes the well-being of its employees, providing them with fair compensation and welfare benefits. Occupational health and safety are paramount in the workplace. Furthermore, the company upholds human rights as a fundamental principle, ensuring the protection of rights, liberties, and equality.

Company Approaches


The company is committed to recruiting individuals who are of legal age and possess the necessary qualifications. It ensures equal opportunities for all genders, ages, races, religions, educational backgrounds, including individuals with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups. The company regularly verifies its compliance with human rights standards, such as refraining from engaging in forced labor or exploiting child labor. It also maintains transparency and fairness in all recruitment processes for both employees and job candidates.

Regarding employee termination, the company follows established procedures accurately, treating employees fairly, and strictly adhering to labor laws and related requirements. The company upholds respect for human rights throughout the termination process.

To foster operational development and achieve strategic goals, the company promotes diversity and employee involvement. Its diversity policy prohibits discrimination based on gender, age, race, culture, or religion. The policy also supports the employment of individuals with disabilities and cultivates inclusivity across the organization.

As of December 31, 2022, company staff (excluding contractors) were classified by function as follows:

The company employs individuals with disabilities in compliance with the Ministry of Labor Act, at a rate of 1 person per 100 full-time employees. If the fraction exceeds 50 people, an additional disabled person must be hired. The company strictly adhered to the Act in its hiring of disabled individuals in 2022.

As of December 31, 2022, the company employs staff members and individuals with disabilities (excluding contractors) as follows:

Employee Development

The company focuses on the development of employees’ potential by providing them with annual training and sponsoring external training opportunities. This encourages employees to enhance their knowledge, skills, and competencies, fostering their professional growth and contributing to sustainable development.

In 2022, the company organized over 62 training courses to enhance employees’ skills and potential in their work, with an average of 7.27 hours of learning per person per year. The total training cost amounted to 1.19 million baht, representing an increase from the previous year due to the improved COVID-19 situation, which allowed employees to participate in more external training opportunities.

Employee Remuneration

The company recognizes the importance of providing employees with appropriate compensation that aligns with their knowledge, skills, and competencies. It also aims to offer competitive remuneration packages to ensure long-term employee retention. In the Production Department, the company adheres to the minimum wage requirements stipulated by labor law. Additionally, employees receive additional payment based on the number of task pieces completed, exceeding the minimum requirement set by the company. Furthermore, the company regularly evaluates employee earnings to ensure competitiveness in the market and provides bonuses based on company performance.

Employees' Welfare

The company provides various welfare benefits to enhance the quality of life for its employees, in addition to those required by laws. These welfare benefits can be categorized as follows:

  1. Welfare to help with employees’ cost of living includes providing an employee canteen that sells food at special prices, attendance bonuses, shift allowances, living expenses, mileage allowances, employee transport vehicles, life insurance, and uniforms.
  2. Welfare to help with employees’ saving plan: The company has established a provident fund for employees’ long-term benefits, aiming to promote saving and motivate employees to stay with the company. Employees’ contributions will be deducted from their salaries or wages at a chosen rate, and the company will match the contribution at the same rate. When employment ends, employees will be entitled to collect their contributions along with the benefits based on the defined criteria. Additionally, the company offers a loan program for employees who are members of the provident fund.
  3. Welfare in the form of cash for employees’ family events, such as weddings, childbirth, death of immediate family members, and scholarships for employees’ children who excel in their studies.
  4. Welfare for the future stability of employees and their families, such as post-retirement pensions and funeral support.
  5. Welfare for employees’ quality of life, working environment, and safety, including:
  • Providing employees with health insurance to alleviate the burden of medical expenses when they fall ill.
  • Supplying personal protective equipment suitable for the working environment.
  • Ensuring consistent security in the workplace with 24-hour security guards, closed-circuit cameras, alarm systems inside the buildings, fire extinguishers, and fire exits.
  • Arranging annual training sessions on basic firefighting, fire drills, and basic first aid for employees.
  • Establishing a company infirmary with nurses, necessary medical supplies, and medicine as required. Additionally, prepare a standby ambulance available 24 hours a day in case of emergencies.
  • Organizing annual medical check-ups for general employees, along with additional check-ups based on occupational risk factors, to monitor any impacts on employees’ health related to work. This may include hearing tests, visual tests, and toxicology tests for substances such as lead and xylene in the body. Consultations are provided to offer healthcare advice.

Fairness for Employees

In the event of a violation of the company’s regulations or fraud, the company will establish a dedicated inquiry panel. Any employee accused of wrongdoing or corruption will have the right to defend themselves and present their case. The inquiry results will be documented and reported to the management to ensure a fair process of considering appropriate disciplinary measures and to prevent unjust dismissals.

Employee Satisfaction

The company conducts an annual employee satisfaction survey, covering various topics such as organizational goals, sense of belonging, career opportunities, remuneration, welfare, and a safe working environment. The survey results are carefully analyzed to identify areas for improvement and enhance employee well-being in a timely manner. This approach aims to foster a happy work environment, increase productivity, and reduce turnover or relocation rates within the company. The survey is conducted at least once a year, typically at the end of each year.

In 2022, there were 316 voluntary and anonymous respondents out of a total of 481 employees, representing a participation rate of 66%. The 2022 Employee Satisfaction Survey revealed an overall average score of 72%, which is an improvement from the 2021 score of 64%. Across all topics, the satisfaction level was rated at level 4 (very satisfied) out of 5, with the highest average score observed in the areas of Commitment to Development and Growing with the Company. This positive trend can be attributed to the improved situation surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak in 2022, which allowed for the organization of more activities and training sessions (activities that required gatherings were omitted in the previous year). Consequently, employees had more opportunities to build relationships and exchange ideas with executives. The survey results indicated that most employees share the company’s vision and values and take pride in driving its growth. Employees expressed satisfaction with the company’s efforts in employee care. The company continues to value employee feedback and uses it to continuously enhance human resources management.

The following details the participation in the survey, classified according to the organizational structure:

Turnover Rate

Over the past three years, the company has maintained an average employee turnover rate of 11% of the total number of employees, and all departures were voluntary resignations. When comparing this turnover rate with industry standards, it was discovered that the company’s resignation rate was lower than that of the industry. Additionally, all employees who voluntarily resign are interviewed to gather insights into the reasons behind their decision. These interviews serve as valuable feedback for the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of employees’ lives and promote further development.

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