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Personal Data Protection Policy for Website User

Sahamitr Pressure Container Public Company Limited

Sahamitr Pressure Container PLC (SMPC) has created this personal data protection policy for website user to protect the privacy of you who has visited or use our website. Please be informed that this personal data protection policy may be changed and all changes will show in this website.

Scope of this policy

This policy covers the action of the Company to the personal data received or recorded in consequence of your visit or use of this website. The personal data refers to data about a person which can indicate the identity of the person directly or indirectly but not include the data of the decease, especially name, age, sex, nationality, National ID Number or passport, home address or workplace, telephone number, or electronic mail address, etc.
This policy does not apply to the websites of the third parties that connect to and from our website. Therefore, we would like you to study the personal data protection policy on those websites too.

Keeping the personal data of the user

Those who would like to use some types of service which operate through this website may have to provide the personal data that is necessary to such service. The example of the operation that the service user must provide the personal data is when the user wants to apply for a job or to do other transactions that may occur in the future, etc.

In the case that you have applied the complaint to the Company through website, you do not have to provide any personal data for such job application or any other transaction that may occur in the future. However, please bear in mind that the anonymous complaint or without the personal data related to the complaint, the examination of the company will not be able to perform efficiently and in case you choose to provide personal data to the Company, such personal data will be in accordance with the policy.
In this connection, in order to make the Company be able to evaluate the efficiency on the use of the website for the benefit of quality improvement on service providing and preparing relevant statistic. The Company records some additional type of data, such as IP address, type of the search engine program through the domain name on the webpage that you have visited, duration of visited and website that you visited before the website of the Company, including other information as necessary for the personal use as specified.

Use, exchange and disclosure of personal data of the user

The access and the use of your personal data will be done for the benefits about your job application or any other transactions that may occur in the future. In this regard, the company may gather, record, use and disclose the personal data from other parties to achieve the objective of the company too.

The Company will not sell or exchange your personal data or reveal to any other person that is not related to the objective of the personal data gathering and record, except for the following cases:

  • It is the operation according to the obligation required by law, court order, legal authority, or any other cases with the same manner; or
  • It is the necessary operation; in case it affects the security in like and body of other people or in the case where the terms and conditions of the website is violated.
  • In case you would like to request for your personal data, please make a request through email address:
    The Company will report the information and details to you at an appropriate time. In this regard, such operation may have the cost that you have to be responsible to.

Personal data correction

You can request to edit your personal data to be correct and updated by submitting a request through email address: or take action according to the suggestion on the web page. In this regard, please be aware that some data will be completed when the data requested for amendment is confirmed and verify according to the specified methods.

Security system

The Company has given order to set the internal work procedure in relevant to confidentiality and safety of news and information which including setting the right to access and use the data. Apart from that, the Company also use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol to make the communication between user and the Company through safety communication channel.

Cookie Policy

When you enter our website, the information relating to your access to the website is stored in the form of cookies. This Cookie Policy describes the meaning, function, purpose, including deletion and refusal of cookies for privacy purposes. The access to this website is deemed you have given consent to our use of cookies in accordance with the cookie policy detailed below.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files for storing data by storing on your computer device and/or communication device accessed by you, such as tablet, smartphone via a web browser while you enter our website. The Company’s websites may use cookies in some cases. Cookies are small data files that store information that is exchanged between computers of the data subject and our website. The Company uses cookies only to store information that may be of useful for the data subject in the next time that the data subject revisits the Company’s website. When a data subject accesses a web browser, the data subject can set to accept all cookies or reject all cookies or ask the browser to notify the data subject when cookies are being sent. The data subject can manage the setting in the “Help” menu of the browser to learn how to change the cookie usage of the data subject. Pleas be aware that the use of cookies may affect the usability of certain data subject services.

How to use cookies?

We use cookies to improve your experience and satisfaction. It will make us understand the nature of your website usage quickly and make our website easy to access and more convenient. In some cases, we may require a third party to take action which may require Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) and Cookies for Statistical Analysis as well as link information and processed according to marketing objectives.

Types of cookies that are used
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This type of cookies will be saved on your device to collect access information links you have visited and followed. Apart from that, third party cookies may also use information they have transmitted. News in online media and content collected from the service providing to understand the needs of users with the objectives to customize your website ang advertising campaigns to suit your interests.

This type of cookies will help to facilitate when you come back to the website again. We will use the information to customize according to your usage.

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Cookie management

You can delete and refuse the cookie record by studying instruction specified in each browser you used.

Change of cookies policy

This cookies policy may be revise and amend occasionally in order to comply with the law. Therefore, we would like to suggest that you make sure that you understand the change under such provision.

Inquiry and Suggestion

If you have any inquiries or suggestions, please contact the company at the following channel

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92, Soi Thientalay 7 (4th Intersection), Bangkhunthien-Chaitalay Road,
Samaedam Sub-district, Bangkhunthien District, Bangkok

Tel : 02-895-4139-53

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