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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

The Board of Directors emphasizes the importance of all stakeholders and has established guidelines on stakeholder engagement that are equally and fairly outlined in the business code of conduct. These guidelines have been distributed to all employees since they started working with the company. The company also ensures the protection of stakeholders’ rights in accordance with relevant laws and refrains from any activities that would violate those rights.

The company has conducted a review of stakeholder participation, identifying and assessing their importance in relation to the company’s operations across all business chains. It also seeks to identify ways to effectively and appropriately respond to stakeholder expectations and concerns.

Furthermore, the company values the opinions and participation of all stakeholder groups. To facilitate this, the company provides various forms of communication and channels for stakeholder engagement, tailored to each group. This enables all stakeholder groups to transparently and appropriately express their opinions. The details are as follows.



Channels for Participation and Contact

  • Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Quarterly analyst meetings
  • Meetings between listed companies and investors
  • Annual Report
  • Investor Relations Contact

    Tel: 02- 895-4139-54


  • Good and sustainable performance.
  • Good corporate governance.
  • Risk control planning.
  • Information disclosure and transparency
  • Equitable treatment of stakeholders.

  • Aim to create maximum benefits for shareholders through efficient planning and operations.
  • Manage costs by developing and reducing production costs to the lowest extent possible under the specified standards without compromising product quality.
  • Conduct business in accordance with principles of good governance and corporate governance.
  • Establish policies and plans for risk management.
  • Ensure necessary information is disclosed to the public.
  • Treat investors and all stakeholders equally.
  • Continually study and consider investment in various projects.


Channels for Participation and Contact

  • Visits and audits
  • Customer visits and online meetings
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Contact through salespersons
  • Sales and marketing contact
    Tel: 02- 895-4139-54

  • Safe products with quality that meets the required standards.
  • Timely delivery and competitive pricing.
  • Prompt support and resolution of customer issues.
  • Ensure efficient business operations with international standards, while considering the well-being of the community, society, and environment
  • Product and service development.

  • The products are certified according to country-specific standards, and quality control is conducted at each stage of production, including audits by external auditors as required by customers.
  • Develop production and work processes to meet customers’ needs for quick product delivery.
  • Ensure timely delivery of high-quality products.
  • Maintain consistent product quality.
  • Provide pre-and post-sale services with engineers and experts to offer customer advice.
  • Establish systems and mechanisms to promptly respond to and resolve customer problems and complaints, as well as prevent recurring issues.
  • Comply with international standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Operate responsibly towards communities, society, and the environment.
  • Plan and review business strategies with customers through Business Review.


(Employees refer to permanent staff, daily staff, temporary staff, and contractual staff)

Channels for Participation and Contact

  • Internal communication system
  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Comment or complaint through various channels by contacting HR, executives, or directors, or submitting via the comment box or Email:

  • Fair compensation and benefits.
  • Continuous knowledge development and strong work skills with career advancement opportunities.
  • Safe and conducive working environment.
  • Respectful treatment of employees based on principles of humanity.

  • Provide fair remuneration and welfare, including annual bonuses based on the company’s performance.
  • Support and enhance the knowledge, abilities, and skills of employees for a promising and secure career path.
  • Ensure a safe working environment that prioritizes the well-being and safety of employees, including their lives, health, and property.
  • Uphold human rights without discrimination based on race, religion, gender, social, or political opinion.
  • Encourage feedback and suggestions from employees to enhance employee welfare.
  • Development and improvement of work processes into digital systems.
  • Offer scholarships to eligible children of employees


Channels for Participation and Contact

  • Visits and audits
  • Contact the Purchasing Department at
    Tel: 02- 895-4139-54
  • Report corruption complaints via

  • Transparency and fairness.
  • Clear procurement regulations.
  • Compliance with contracts or agreed terms.
  • Mutual business growth.

  • Conduct business in accordance with the anti-corruption policy, refraining from receiving any benefits from business partners and treating them equally.
  • Provide partners with comprehensive information on the procurement process.
  • Adhere strictly to agreed contracts.
  • Share knowledge and collaborate on product development with partners.
  • Support environmentally friendly procurement practices.
  • Conduct Business Reviews to jointly plan and review business strategies with partners.


Channels for Participation and Contact

  • Tel: 02- 895-4139-54
  • Report corruption complaints via  

  • Fairtrade.
  • Avoid damaging reputation or making false accusations.
  • Cooperate to develop and drive market growth.

  • Compete within a framework of fair rules and avoid seeking competitors’ confidential information through unjust means.
  • Refrain from damaging competitors’ reputations through defamation or any unfair and untrue acts.
  • Contribute to the continuous growth of the industry.

Community and Environment

Channels for Participation and Contact

  • Social activities
  • Contact HR or the Environmental Complaint Center
    Tel: 02-895-4139

  • Support the community in having a good quality of life, free from environmental problems.
  • Create jobs, provide assistance, and cooperate with people in the community.
  • Conduct business with social and environmental responsibilities.

  • Develop production processes to minimize waste and various forms of pollution.
  • Employ, support, help, and cooperate with people in the community.
  • The company has consistently generated benefits for communities, society, and the environment, both through independent operations and collaboration with the government and community.
  • Implement projects and activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

You can report misconduct or file complaints through this channel… Click Here

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